Tips For Cleaning Magnetic Retractable Screens

Tips For Cleaning Magnetic Retractable Screens

One of the concerns of homeowners when installing screens is that some types of screens spoil their view. There are lots of options to consider that will keep your home protected from bugs and help keep your windows or doors appealing to guests, neighbours and family members. Modern screens allow you to achieve these goals. One of the types of modern retractable screens to consider is the magnetic screen. Magnetic retractable screens are popular these days because they are easy to use, effective and functional. However, magnetic retractable screens require extra care just like any other screen. Regular maintenance is important to keep the screens working at their best.

What are magnetic retractable screens

The best thing about magnetic retractable screens is that they are easy to operate. This is because they are attached to the inside of the window frame. This enables you to pull from a corner so you can remove them when needed. The magnets are attached to the screen and window frame. Once the magnets are placed together, they will form a strong seal so bugs cannot get through. You can also remove or open the screen by simply peeling from the indicated corner.

How to clean magnetic screens

Magnetic retractable screens is easy to clean and maintain. You just need to use a feather duster to get rid of the dust and dirt that usually build up on the screens. Aside from using a feather duster, you can also consider washing the mesh. To do this, peel the screen away from the window. Use soap and water to clean the mesh. Allow the screen to dry before reattaching it to the window. Dusting your screens regularly is not enough due to dirt and dust build up. Make sure you give your screens a full wash twice a year.

Aside from cleaning the screen, you should also clean the magnets and frame so it continues to work efficiently. The surface of the magnets must be cleaned and the process is very easy. Just remove the screen from the window and wipe over the magnetic strips with a damp or dry cloth. This cleaning process is enough to remove grime and dust. You can also use a mild cleaning agent to get rid of grease build up.

Magnetic screens are ideal for those who want to get an exceptional value for money. It has the features you need so you can remain protected and stylish at the same time.