Guide To Installing Fly Screen Door

Guide To Installing Fly Screen Door

Fly screens protect your family from insects especially if your home has a lot of openings.

Aside from protection, a screen door also lets in cooling breezes especially in the summer. In the winter, it also protects your front door from harsh weather. Whether you are going to install a screen door for the first time or replace the one you have, it is important to purchase the right screen door for your house.

How to choose and install screen doors?

It might be tempting to install a screen door yourself. After all, you have a manual to use as reference for the installation. However, you can ensure installation success if you are going to find an installer to do the job. It is essential that your screen door has the right size. Determine the dimensions of your door opening. You will also have to measure the height and width of the space within the door trim.

You have to choose the standard door size that suits your height and width measurements. There will be instances when a small deviation between the opening is visible but this can be resolved by using filler strips. The strips will help you achieve a snug fit.

If you intend to replace an old screen door, measuring will only be minimal. You need to confirm the dimensions of the door you are going to replace. This way, you will have an idea of the size door you need to purchase. You will also have to take note of the locations of the hinges on your door. You will need to purchase a right-hand door or also referred to as right-swinging door if the latch is on the right side and the hinges are on the left.

Otherwise, you need to purchase a left-hand door. Aside from ensuring that the size matches your new screen door, you should also see to it that the door-swing direction also matches the panel you are replacing. You can consider purchasing preassembled screen doors. These are novice-friendly designs that only require basic tools. It will not also take so much of your time installing this type of screen door.

You can also save time if you opt for a self-storing door. It simplifies the process of exchanging screen for a glass panel. Be sure to hire a screen door installer that can successfully replace or install your screen door.