The Fly Screen: Safety and Comfort for Your Home

The Fly Screen: Safety and Comfort for Your Home

Installing a fly screen is one of the best things you could ever do for your home. Here are some benefits of putting up fly screens:

1. A fly screen acts as an insect barrier.

Some insects, such as mosquitoes, not only deliver a nasty and itchy bite, but they are also carriers of diseases, like malaria, dengue, and the more recent Zika virus. And so, by installing a fly screen, you are able to keep flies, bugs, mosquitoes, and other insects out of your home — thereby decreasing the risk of getting bitten or sick.

2. A fly screen adds security to your home.

A fly screen can serve as an added layer of protection against burglars. By setting up fly screens on your doors and windows, you are making it extra difficult for “unwanted guests” to break through and enter your home.

3. A fly screen enables natural light to shine through.

Having a fly screen enables natural light to shine through your doors and windows during the day while you work, study, or play. It helps to create a brighter atmosphere inside your house, and at the same time cut down on electricity costs!

4. A fly screen helps to provide natural ventilation.

A fly screen allows fresh and cool air to pass through. Clean, natural air is good for your health as it can help prevent molds that trigger allergies and respiratory problems. A fly screen is also a great thing to have during the summer months, when all you need to do is to open your windows and let the fresh air in. Talk about another great way to reduce your electric bill!

5. A fly screen adds a layer of style.

Today, fly screens come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. There are screens designed in wrought iron or heritage styles, which can serve as an added layer of “decoration.”

6. A fly screen enables you to enjoy the view.

What’s the point of having a window if you cannot open it to enjoy the view? A retractable fly screen enables you to enjoy looking out at your front garden or backyard, without having to worry about insects entering your house.

As you can see, a fly screen is not just designed to keep out bugs, flies, and other creepy crawlies. It can also serve as a safety barrier and a decorative feature all in one. It can help you save money on electric bills by allowing natural light and fresh air in. Indeed, a fly screen can help you transform your house into a “home sweet home.”