The Diseases That A House Fly Carries

The Diseases That A House Fly Carries

House flies can become a permanent resident of your home if you do not install fly screens. These common insects can pose a threat to your health by carrying diseases. In fact, some of these diseases are serious and deadly. Once they come in contact with food, they can leave behind viruses and bacteria. The diseases that a house fly carries include cholera, leprosy, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, conjunctivitis, anthrax, trachoma and more.

These diseases can be spread through several routes. While it does not bite like other fierce animals, it can still inject the pathogen into an individual. The pathogen has disease-causing agents that have the tendency to spread on its body. Flies feed on a vast range of organic matter.

Once the organic matter is contaminated, the microbes can cause diseases regardless of the infective dose. Bacteria can multiply when the food is not refrigerated as it allows the inoculation dose of microbes even before the food is eaten.

How can housefly diseases be prevented?

Fly populations can be controlled by using extensive measures. Some may resort to using strong insecticides to get rid of houseflies. Aside from using strong insecticides, you can also install fly screens to prevent insects from entering your house. Fly screens enable you to protect your food and eating utensils. It gets rid of flies so they do not make contact with your food.

You might worry that fly screens can ruin your home’s natural appeal, but the good news is, there are companies capable of installing screens that blend with your doors and windows. You are not only protected from flies but you also maintain your home’s beauty.