Reasons For Replacing Your Screen Door

Reasons For Replacing Your Screen Door

When screen doors have already served their purpose for many years, you need to remove or replace them. To some it is more practical to replace a screen door than repair them. Here are some reasons for removing it:

1. The screen is damaged

The screen mesh may be vulnerable to damage if it has been installed a few years ago. It can also be due to accidental contact of a sharp object. Even pets can shorten your screen door’s lifespan with their sharp nails. The screens have the tendency to tear, if exposed to these elements. If you are thinking about patching screens, the effort will be rendered useless because it will make the door look odd. It diminishes the screen’s appeal if you consider patching it. If a small part is damaged, it will be better to replace the entire thing.

2. Rust

Rust can do a serious damage to your screens as it weaken the link between your frame and screen. Rust causes the screen mesh to come off. If you have a wooden frame, the screw or nail with which the mesh is attached can get rusted especially if it has long been exposed to wind and rain. Connections become weak once the frame is rusted.

3. The Screen is Torn

Screens are attached to a steel, aluminium or wooden frame. Any stress on the screen can cause the screen to detach from the frame. If the screen is torn, it will no longer serve its purpose. Instead of repairing it, replacing the screen will be a more practical option.

4. Damaged Door Hinges

If your door hinges malfunction or get damaged, it will also affect your entire screen. This happens when hinges get rusted. The door will be difficult to open or close properly once the door hinges are jammed. If you intend to repair door hinges, you need to open the entire door. It can be a long process.

If you see signs of wear and tear, it is much better to consider replacing the fly screen door. Screens are supposed to be an additional decoration and protection for your home, but if it no longer functions properly, you need to replace them. While may attempt to repair the screen, patched screens look unsightly and there is no guarantee how long the repaired screen will last. Be sure to choose strong and durable screens so you can prevent replacing them on every year. Always go for high quality screens which are meant to last longer.