How To Clean Aluminum Fly Screens

How To Clean Aluminum Fly Screens

There are many household cleaning materials you can use to get rid of screen dirt. These include liquid dish detergent, chlorine bleach, baking soda and many more. However, before you consider cleaning your retractable fly screens, make sure you following the right technique so you can prevent damaging the screens. Aluminum is easy to clean because it does not rust like iron. You just need to thoroughly remove the grease, dust and other contaminant building up on the surface. Aside from the cleaning agents mentioned earlier, you will also need a sponge or cloth, bucket, rubber gloves, metal polish, stirrer and toothbrush.

Step #1: Prepare Cleaning Mixture

Add two tablespoons of dish detergent to a gallon of water. Mix well using a stirrer or a sponge. Use a cloth or a sponge to clean the screens’ surface. The soapy mixture will loosen up dust and other contaminants.

Step #2: Gently Brush the Surfaces

For heavily stained screens, dip brush into the soapy mixture and gently brush the areas with dust build-up. You will need clean all areas including the top portion as well. For hard-to-remove stains, soap and detergent may not do the trick. You need a mixture of baking soda and chlorine bleach. They should be mixed in equal proportions to form a paste. Be sure to wear rubber gloves to prevent contact with chlorine. Apply the mixture evenly on the surfaces and let it sit for an hour or two. It is also much better to let the paste sit overnight. Remove paste with water and wipe it dry using a clean cloth.

Step #3: Polish the Aluminum

Although this is not required, applying metal polishing on the aluminum will protect the screen from dust and other contaminants. This way, you will save yourself from cleaning the screens every now and then. The aluminum screens will also look shiny and newly cleaned.

It is important to clean your screens regularly to extend its life. Routine maintenance ensures that your screens will serve you longer. For other fabric materials, you need to ask your manufacturer about the proper way to clean them. A soapy mixture may not be enough to clean the screens’ surfaces. To continue enjoying the view, remove dust build-up .