How Do Retractable Screens Improve Your Home’s Comfort Level?

How Do Retractable Screens Improve Your Home’s Comfort Level?

No matter how you try to enjoy the view from your window, the sight of flies and mosquitoes will surely bother you. This is why homes with window screens have increased level of comfort because they keep pests out and even let cool breeze in. If you are going to rely on traditional window screens, you will not be able to achieve the comfort level you are looking for. This is because you are only protected from pests but your view will be interrupted by the visible screens. One solution that does not sacrifice the aesthetic aspect of the installation is using retractable window screens. These screens provide easier maintenance, more stylish look and of course, clearer views. They also last longer than traditional screens.

What are the design elements of retractable screens?

Mesh are made from various materials such as fiberglass, aluminum and many others. Many homeowners prefer to install invisible or clear mesh, which are usually made from fiberglass. You can also opt for a gray-like finish. Mesh also comes in different purposes and sizes. Since the mesh is designed to keep out insects, you should also remember that choosing mesh with smaller spaces and thicker wires will also block out sunlight, reducing heat and glare. As a result, your energy bills will also decrease and you will prevent fading of flooring and furniture. You will also increase your degree of privacy at home.


The colors and styles also matter when choosing retractable window screens. If you want to make sure that your home remains stylish, do not just stick with traditional color options as you can go for more modern colors. However, if you still have a penchant for traditional colors, you can also go for white, brown, black, ivory and gray. You can also choose colors to match your home decor and the surrounding space.


You may also wonder whether to choose screens with automatic or manual functions. More often than not, retractable window screens are manually operated. The tracks must also be lubricated on a regular basis so it can be operated easily. However, if you have larger spaces such as the ones for your patio, you need to go for the motorised option. With this option, the screens are controlled with a remote control or with switches. There are also window screens that can be programmed so you can retract or extend them automatically using special sensors. The sensors also have the ability to recognise high wind speeds and even raise screens to prevent damage.