Why You Should Consider Having a Gold Coast Security Fly Screen Door Installation

If you're thinking about making a few improvements to your property, you ought to consider purchasing home additions that are as practical as they are stylish. Of course, there's nothing wrong with buying furnishings solely for their aesthetic appeal, but when trying to stick to a budget, items that will add an element of comfort to your abode are a smart investment. A security fly screen door in Gold Coast could be just what you need to relish the upcoming spring and summer months, and they're cost-effective, easy to install, and won't do anything to ruin your house's beauty.

A stretched mesh, usually made from either fibreglass, wire, or a synthetic fibre, encased in a wooden or metal frame works wonders to keep pests out of your home, but the benefits go further than that. A security fly screen can make your home safer by preventing unwanted intruders from entering, and you can keep the kids safe inside while still allowing the outdoor air to freshen your indoors. Of course, you should only trust a reputable and experienced company for a security fly screen door installation in Gold Coast to ensure it's effective.

Here at Fly Free, we only employ the very best installers to fit your security fly door screens to ensure there are no gaps or weaknesses, and we use the highest-grade materials to manufacture our products. Plus, if you'd prefer to carry out the installation alone, we have many DIY kits on offer that vary in design and style. If you need help installing our products or have any questions, we're only a phone call away, and our professionals will be more than happy to provide assistance. Keep reading below to find why more and more people are interested in a Gold Coast security fly screen door.

Why Fly Screen Doors Are the Perfect Home Addition

We know that all Gold Coast homeowners take great pride in their properties, and fly screens are beneficial in many ways. Here are just some reasons why you might be interested in our products.

  • Minimised utility bills – By allowing fresh air to flow in and out of your home, fly screens act as a form of natural ventilation, letting you keep your AC system usage to a minimum during the summer months. Additionally, a fly screen door blocks and deflects direct sunlight and UV rays, preventing furniture from fading and keeping the intense heat outdoors.
  • Add style to your home – While some fly screens are barely visible to suit some people's preferences, other variations are more decorative and can be used to improve your property's image.
  • Keep pests outside – Arguably, the most significant benefit of fly doors is their ability to keep mosquitos, flies, and any other unwanted critter outdoors, making your abode more comfortable.

Contact Us Today for a Gold Coast Security Fly Screen Door Installation

At Fly Free, we have fly doors to suit any purpose, from products for bifold windows to screens for French doors. Plus, our professionals will complete the installation in no time, or you can purchase DIY items if you prefer a more hands-on approach. Whatever your fly screen needs are, we can accommodate you, so contact us today for more information and advice.

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