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Installing Fly Screen For Your Window

When you are searching for fly screens, you have to keep in mind that they come in different sizes and shapes. This is why if you want to make sure that you are going to make the most out of your fly screens, you need to choose the type that perfectly fits your window frame. A tiny opening can be a way for intruders such as flies and mosquitoes to invade your home. You can keep home intruders at bay if you are going to choose durable fly screens. Even if you have installed fly screens before, this does not excuse you from choosing poor quality screens. There are ways you can ensure you get the right fly screen. 

Which screens are suitable for your window?

In the past fly screens are an unattractive window solutions because some of them have clumsy models. These days, there are many models for you to choose from and you will be surprised by all the options from roll up window screens to retractable screens. The best thing about these fly screens is that they fit neatly in the frame. They perfectly blend in your window screen without spoiling your view. 

If you are going to consider purchasing the magnetic type window screen, you need to remember that its only notable advantage is its price. When it comes to aesthetics, you will need to rely on other types of window screens such as the retractable screen because it is affordable and has great quality. 

Retractable flyscreens and their functions

Retractable flyscreens have the same function as a roller blind. However, instead of fabric, retractable fly screens use mesh and the roll is hidden so your view is not interrupted. The mesh are also rolled into a cassette, which can be fitted both vertically and horizontally. The roll located in the cassette is also spring tensioned. This way, the screen can be extended and released. It also has the ability to gently roll into the cassette so it fits the design of your home and window. 

The Diseases That A House Fly Carries

House flies can become a permanent resident of your home if you do not install fly screens. These common insects can pose a threat to your health by carrying diseases. In fact, some of these diseases are serious and deadly. Once they come in contact with food, they can leave behind viruses and bacteria. The diseases that a house fly carries include cholera, leprosy, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, conjunctivitis, anthrax, trachoma and more. 

These diseases can be spread through several routes. While it does not bite like other fierce animals, it can still inject the pathogen into an individual. The pathogen has disease-causing agents that have the tendency to spread on its body. Flies feed on a vast range of organic matter. 

Once the organic matter is contaminated, the microbes can cause diseases regardless of the infective dose. Bacteria can multiply when the food is not refrigerated as it allows the inoculation dose of microbes even before the food is eaten. 

How can housefly diseases be prevented? 

Fly populations can be controlled by using extensive measures. Some may resort to using strong insecticides  to get rid of houseflies. Aside from using strong insecticides, you can also install fly screens to prevent insects from entering your house. Fly screens enable you to protect your food and eating utensils. It gets rid of flies so they do not make contact with your food. 

You might worry that fly screens can ruin your home's natural appeal, but the good news is, there are companies capable of installing screens that blend with your doors and windows. You are not only protected from flies but you also maintain your home's beauty. 

How Retractable Fly Screens Can Add Value To Your Home

More homes today are being designed with a seamless indoor/outdoor flow. Some architect and builders are deliberately blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor space and improving outdoor functionality.

Functional Outdoor Living

Having a functional and efficient indoor-outdoor space means we can use that area throughout the year and not just over the summer. The problem with this is that during certain months insects may stop us from enjoying our outdoor entertaining space in the way that we’d like. There is an ideal solution – retractable fly screens.

Retractable Fly Screens

Retractable fly screens allow you to keep out insects without spoiling your view of the outdoors. Here are some of the ways that retractable fly screens can add value to your home:

  • Keep insects out. Nobody wants insects inside their home and retractable fly screens keep pests out!
  • Enjoy your space without insecticides. Retractable fly screens eliminate the need for insecticides. It’s better for your health and the environment.
  • Allows a natural breeze to pass through your home creating a healthier and environment and saving on air condition costs.
  • Reduces glare from the sun whether you’re inside your home or enjoying your outdoor space.
  • Allows a natural breeze to pass through your home creating a healthier environment and saving on air condition costs.
  • Allows natural light to stream into your home.
  • Retractable fly screens are an ideal way to enclose patios and terraces – increasing your usable living space.

Retractable Fly Screens Add Value

With all of these advantages retractable fly screens make an ideal investment, now and into the future. You’ll immediately enjoy the benefits that retractable fly screens offer, improve the currently liveability of your home, increase its saleability – and lift is value when its time to sell.

All in all, a first rate home improvements investment.

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