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Replacing Your Fly Screens: Some Things To Take Into Consideration

Are you vacillating between replacing your fly screens and keeping them for the next two years? When you are trying to cut down on cost when embarking on a home improvement project, fly screens are often the ones you fail to include in your priority list. After all, you can live without it, provided you put up with nasty intruders such as mosquitoes and flies. It might be a very tough decision especially if budget gets in the way. However, there is no need to postpone your plans because you can always get a better option that does not compromise on quality. If you are unsure whether or not you should replace your screens, here are some reasons to consider:

Screens have been damaged

Normal signs of wear and tear indicate that you need to replace your fly screens. It is important to replace damaged fly screens so you continue to enjoy protection against flies and mosquitoes. Damaged screens can affect the beauty of your property especially if the screens already look dull due to the sun's UV. 

Your property requires an upgrade

If your fly screens have been serving you for many years its years of service may be evident on its appearance. Fly screens also evolve and if you want to maximise protection, you should also keep up with the developments in modern screen technology. These days, you can buy screens that can easily blend with your window's appearance. They look clear so you continue to enjoy the view without getting distracted.

Pet scratches

Even your adorable pets can create rips and tears in your screen due to constant scratches. When your fly mesh has major rips, it is a good idea to replace it. There are fly screens designed for pets. You may want to ask a fly screen manufacturer about it. 

Regular maintenance is also important when you have fly screens installed. Cleaning your screens regularly can extend its life, which saves you a large amount of money in the long run. 

How Retractable Fly Screens Can Add Value To Your Home

More homes today are being designed with a seamless indoor/outdoor flow. Some architect and builders are deliberately blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor space and improving outdoor functionality.

Functional Outdoor Living

Having a functional and efficient indoor-outdoor space means we can use that area throughout the year and not just over the summer. The problem with this is that during certain months insects may stop us from enjoying our outdoor entertaining space in the way that we’d like. There is an ideal solution – retractable fly screens.

Retractable Fly Screens

Retractable fly screens allow you to keep out insects without spoiling your view of the outdoors. Here are some of the ways that retractable fly screens can add value to your home:

  • Keep insects out. Nobody wants insects inside their home and retractable fly screens keep pests out!
  • Enjoy your space without insecticides. Retractable fly screens eliminate the need for insecticides. It’s better for your health and the environment.
  • Allows a natural breeze to pass through your home creating a healthier and environment and saving on air condition costs.
  • Reduces glare from the sun whether you’re inside your home or enjoying your outdoor space.
  • Allows a natural breeze to pass through your home creating a healthier environment and saving on air condition costs.
  • Allows natural light to stream into your home.
  • Retractable fly screens are an ideal way to enclose patios and terraces – increasing your usable living space.

Retractable Fly Screens Add Value

With all of these advantages retractable fly screens make an ideal investment, now and into the future. You’ll immediately enjoy the benefits that retractable fly screens offer, improve the currently liveability of your home, increase its saleability – and lift is value when its time to sell.

All in all, a first rate home improvements investment.

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