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5 Ways To Maintain Retractable Fly Screens

Your door needs retractable screens to keep you protected. Since it can be used in many ways to compliment your home, you need to make sure that you extend its life so you do not have to replace it every year. Many homeowners consider their door incomplete without retractable screens. There are many types of screens for you to choose from. Some can be used in inward swinging doors, sliding glass doors and even outward swinging doors. Without a doubt, a homeowner will never lack place to use retractable screens. 

If you fail to take care of your retractable screens, it may not take long for them to show signs of wear and tear. Visible signs of damage can be prevented with proper maintenance and care. You can increase its longevity by following some precautionary tips. Cleaning your screens regularly can maintain their mint condition. Here are some practices you can follow: 

Retract screens if not in use

The best thing about retractable screens is that you can tuck them away if not in use. If your doors are closed, you can retract your screen so it will not collect debris. You can also reduce sun exposure when screen is retracted. More often than not, the screen exposed to harsh conditions shows signs of damage. 

Clean tracks

Door tracks can collect debris. If you do not ensure that tracks are kept clear of debris and obstruction, you will not be able to use it effectively. Debris must be removed immediately as they are hiding behind tiny crevices. These areas can also become hiding spot for grime and dust. If they are left uncleaned, you will also be increasing the chances of damage. 

Keep screen clean

Aside from cleaning the tracks, it is also essential to keep screen clean. It should be free of dirt and dust as these can also shorten your affect your screens' condition. Keep your screen protected against various elements, which can cause your screen to wear down. When cleaning your screen, always keep the materials in mind. If your screen is made of sturdy material, you can remove the screen and wash it. Make sure you leave screen to air dry. Proper cleaning can also go a long way in ensuring that your screen lasts longer. 

Avoid excessive use of force

Screens are more vulnerable to damage if they are exposed to blunt force caused by guests, children and pets. If someone walks into the screen door, the screen cannot take excessive use of force. Homeowners must see to it that they do not subject screens to any blunt force. 

How Do Retractable Screens Improve Your Home's Comfort Level?

No matter how you try to enjoy the view from your window, the sight of flies and mosquitoes will surely bother you. This is why homes with window screens have increased level of comfort because they keep pests out and even let cool breeze in. If you are going to rely on traditional window screens, you will not be able to achieve the comfort level you are looking for. This is because you are only protected from pests but your view will  be interrupted by the visible screens. One solution that does not sacrifice the aesthetic aspect of the installation is using retractable window screens. These screens provide easier maintenance, more stylish look and of course, clearer views. They also last longer than traditional screens. 

What are the design elements of retractable screens?

Mesh are made from various materials such as fiberglass, aluminum and many others. Many homeowners prefer to install invisible or clear mesh, which are usually made from fiberglass. You can also opt for a gray-like finish. Mesh also comes in different purposes and sizes. Since the mesh is designed to keep out insects, you should also remember that choosing mesh with smaller spaces and thicker wires will also block out sunlight, reducing heat and glare. As a result, your energy bills will also decrease and you will prevent fading of flooring and furniture. You will also increase your degree of privacy at home. 

The colors and styles also matter when choosing retractable window screens. If you want to make sure that your home remains stylish, do not just stick with traditional color options as you can go for more modern colors. However, if you still have a penchant for traditional colors, you can also go for white, brown, black, ivory and gray. You can also choose colors to match your home decor and the surrounding space. 

You may also wonder whether to choose screens with automatic or manual functions. More often than not, retractable window screens are manually operated. The tracks must also be lubricated on a regular basis so it can be operated easily. However, if you have larger spaces such as the ones for your patio, you need to go for the motorised option. With this option, the screens are controlled with a remote control or with switches. There are also window screens that can be programmed so you can retract or extend them automatically using special sensors. The sensors also have the ability to recognise high wind speeds and even raise screens to prevent damage. 

Installing Fly Screen For Your Window

When you are searching for fly screens, you have to keep in mind that they come in different sizes and shapes. This is why if you want to make sure that you are going to make the most out of your fly screens, you need to choose the type that perfectly fits your window frame. A tiny opening can be a way for intruders such as flies and mosquitoes to invade your home. You can keep home intruders at bay if you are going to choose durable fly screens. Even if you have installed fly screens before, this does not excuse you from choosing poor quality screens. There are ways you can ensure you get the right fly screen. 

Which screens are suitable for your window?

In the past fly screens are an unattractive window solutions because some of them have clumsy models. These days, there are many models for you to choose from and you will be surprised by all the options from roll up window screens to retractable screens. The best thing about these fly screens is that they fit neatly in the frame. They perfectly blend in your window screen without spoiling your view. 

If you are going to consider purchasing the magnetic type window screen, you need to remember that its only notable advantage is its price. When it comes to aesthetics, you will need to rely on other types of window screens such as the retractable screen because it is affordable and has great quality. 

Retractable flyscreens and their functions

Retractable flyscreens have the same function as a roller blind. However, instead of fabric, retractable fly screens use mesh and the roll is hidden so your view is not interrupted. The mesh are also rolled into a cassette, which can be fitted both vertically and horizontally. The roll located in the cassette is also spring tensioned. This way, the screen can be extended and released. It also has the ability to gently roll into the cassette so it fits the design of your home and window. 

Reaping The Benefits Of Retractable Fly Screens

The humid environment often attracts insects and bugs, which can be annoying because they have a way of disrupting your home's peace. Although fly screens have been considered by most homeowners as a less glamorous addition to one's home, there are now modern designs you can integrate in a pleasing way. Retractable fly screens are the options for those who want to preserve the appeal of their home while also maintaining cleaner and safer environment. Not only will you enjoy the view, but you will not also worry about the inconvenience brought by bugs, mosquitoes, flies and pests. 

The amazing benefits of retractable fly screens:

They are versatile

Retractable fly screens have the ability to fit into many styles of doors and windows. Whether you have bi-folding, sliding or casement doors and windows, retractable fly screens have no trouble fitting. They can even be patterned and customised to ensure a perfect fit. 

They last for a long time

Retractable screens are made of very good quality materials, which can last up to 10 to 15 years.They are also easy to clean and maintain. Since there is no need to replace them every year, you maintain their good condition and get great value for money. 

They keep unwanted guests at bay

There are some areas in Australia where creepy crawlies are seemed attracted to. While you are still enjoying the view, the bugs, flies and mosquitoes will not give you time to relax as you cannot open your window. Retractable screens give you the freedom to let the fresh air in while also enjoying the panoramic view. Insects will stay where they are as the screens will serve as boundaries.  

They also come in a variety of options

Retractable fly screens have a wide range of sizes, shapes, colours and styles. This means you can choose designs that suit your taste and budget. Whether you want classy or classic look, retractable fly screens have great options for you. 

Choosing retractable fly screen

The selection process might be challenging as there are different brands, colours, rates and types to choose from. More often than not, people go for the most convenient price, but choosing fly screens should not only be based on the price. You will also have to consider other factors such as the size of the tracks. You will also have to keep the door functionality in mind and whether it meets your practical needs or not. 

How To Clean Aluminum Fly Screens

There are many household cleaning materials you can use to get rid of screen dirt. These include liquid dish detergent, chlorine bleach, baking soda and many more. However, before you consider cleaning your aluminum fly screens, make sure you following the right technique so you can prevent damaging the screens. Aluminum is easy to clean because it does not rust like iron. You just need to thoroughly remove the grease, dust and other contaminant building up on the surface. Aside from the cleaning agents mentioned earlier, you will also need a sponge or cloth, bucket, rubber gloves, metal polish, stirrer and toothbrush.

Step #1: Prepare Cleaning Mixture

Add two tablespoons of dish detergent to a gallon of water. Mix well using a stirrer or a sponge. Use a cloth or a sponge to clean the screens' surface. The soapy mixture will loosen up dust and other contaminants.

Step #2: Gently Brush the Surfaces

For heavily stained screens, dip brush into the soapy mixture and gently brush the areas with dust build-up. You will need clean all areas including the top portion as well. For hard-to-remove stains, soap and detergent may not do the trick. You need a mixture of baking soda and chlorine bleach. They should be mixed in equal proportions to form a paste. Be sure to wear rubber gloves to prevent contact with chlorine. Apply the mixture evenly on the surfaces and let it sit for an hour or two. It is also much better to let the paste sit overnight. Remove paste with water and wipe it dry using a clean cloth.

Step #3: Polish the Aluminum

Although this is not required, applying metal polishing on the aluminum will protect the screen from dust and other contaminants. This way, you will save yourself from cleaning the screens every now and then. The aluminum screens will also look shiny and newly cleaned.

It is important to clean your screens regularly to extend its life. Routine maintenance ensures that your screens will serve you longer. For other fabric materials, you need to ask your manufacturer about the proper way to clean them. A soapy mixture may not be enough to clean the screens' surfaces. To continue enjoying the view, remove dust build-up .

How Retractable Fly Screens Can Add Value To Your Home

More homes today are being designed with a seamless indoor/outdoor flow. Some architect and builders are deliberately blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor space and improving outdoor functionality.

Functional Outdoor Living

Having a functional and efficient indoor-outdoor space means we can use that area throughout the year and not just over the summer. The problem with this is that during certain months insects may stop us from enjoying our outdoor entertaining space in the way that we’d like. There is an ideal solution – retractable fly screens.

Retractable Fly Screens

Retractable fly screens allow you to keep out insects without spoiling your view of the outdoors. Here are some of the ways that retractable fly screens can add value to your home:

  • Keep insects out. Nobody wants insects inside their home and retractable fly screens keep pests out!
  • Enjoy your space without insecticides. Retractable fly screens eliminate the need for insecticides. It’s better for your health and the environment.
  • Allows a natural breeze to pass through your home creating a healthier and environment and saving on air condition costs.
  • Reduces glare from the sun whether you’re inside your home or enjoying your outdoor space.
  • Allows a natural breeze to pass through your home creating a healthier environment and saving on air condition costs.
  • Allows natural light to stream into your home.
  • Retractable fly screens are an ideal way to enclose patios and terraces – increasing your usable living space.

Retractable Fly Screens Add Value

With all of these advantages retractable fly screens make an ideal investment, now and into the future. You’ll immediately enjoy the benefits that retractable fly screens offer, improve the currently liveability of your home, increase its saleability – and lift is value when its time to sell.

All in all, a first rate home improvements investment.

Fly screens protect your family from insects especially if your home have a lot of openings.

Aside from protection, a screen door also lets in cooling breezes especially in the summer. In the winter, it also protects your front door from harsh weather. Whether you are going to install a screen door for the first time or replace the one you have, it is important to purchase the right screen door for your house.

How to choose and install screen doors?

It might be tempting to install a screen door yourself. After all, you have a manual to use as reference for the installation. However, you can ensure installation success if you are going to find an installer to do the job. It is essential that your screen door has the right size. Determine the dimensions of your door opening. You will also have to measure the height and width of the space within the door trim.

You have to choose the standard door size that suits your height and width measurements. There will be instances when a small deviation between the opening is visible but this can be resolved by using filler strips. The strips will help you achieve a snug fit.

If you intend to replace an old screen door, measuring will only be minimal. You need to confirm the dimensions of the door you are going to replace. This way, you will have an idea of the size door you need to purchase. You will also have to take note of the locations of the hinges on your door. You will need to purchase a right-hand door or also referred to as right-swinging door if the latch is on the right side and the hinges are on the left.

Otherwise, you need to purchase a left-hand door. Aside from ensuring that the size matches your new screen door, you should also see to it that the door-swing direction also matches the panel you are replacing. You can consider purchasing preassembled screen doors. These are novice-friendly designs that only require basic tools. It will not also take so much of your time installing this type of screen door.

You can also save time if you opt for a self-storing door. It simplifies the process of exchanging screen for a glass panel. Be sure to hire a screen door installer that can successfully replace or install your screen door.

While pets can relieve your stress, there are instances when they can also be your stressor especially if they scratch your door trying to find their way out of the house. Installing screen doors can prevent your pets from escaping, but you need to choose a special type of screens designed for pets. The screen doors allow your pet to get in or out of the house without necessarily opening or closing the door for them. It is beneficial because it allows you to focus on other activities and your pets will also be much happier.

The type of screen doors you are going to install for your pets will greatly depend on your door design. If you intend to install a screen door, be sure to include a pet door with it. In order to install the screen, there should be a relevant sized hole that your pets can use as an entry. There are many options for you to consider. You can either choose from a simple corner flap or a full-sized screen door complete with pet door. When it comes to the cost of installing pet door, it will also vary from the size of the door you want installed.

The benefits of installing screen doors with pet doors

Convenience is one of the benefits you will obtain from installing a screen door with pet door. If you have a pet door, you do not have to look after your pets all the time especially if they want to go out. The door will serve its purpose without worrying about scratches. Be sure to choose sturdy pet doors so you can prolong its life.

Some homeowners are worried about security when installing pet doors because it allows unrestricted entry. The pet door can be used by burglars to gain access to your home. This leaves an unsightly hole in your door. This should not be a cause for worry as there are more advanced screen doors that can address this concern.

You need to choose from various suppliers for you to know what your options are. Some suppliers may offer you the standard version, but there are suppliers that can even go the extra mile and provide you screen doors that are out of the ordinary. The supplier you consider should be capable of providing you peace of mind. Choose the ones that can help you pet proof your door and make your pets happy as well.

Technology has brought innovation into screens and this is the reason why it is no longer impossible to preserve the beauty of your doors and windows while also gaining greater peace of mind as you are protected from insects. There are various types of screens to choose from, but retractable screens are the smartest choice to make.

1. They are suitable for your French doors

Retractable screens are the perfect solution for French doors. This is because they are capable of mounting two screens to each side of the door frame making it easy to open the door without worrying about any unsightly screen features. They have a hidden latch system designed for both out-swing doors and in-swing doors. You will also enjoy the view outside as you can open the door one at a time.

2. They can be incorporated into your home design

One of the problems home owners face is installing the screen because it often sacrifices your home design. If you are going to choose retractable screens, you can get your screens customised based on the design of your door or window.

3. They will not spoil your view

Even if you have installed retractable screens, you can still enjoy the beautiful view. This is because its design hides unnecessary features and allows you to hide the screen when it is not needed.

4. They protect your interior design

You can still keep insects out while also protecting your home's interior design. The screens are discreetly mounted to the interior or exterior of your windows so you do not ruin your home's original design. You can enjoy your privacy as you do not have to worry about being completely visible to your neighbors. Retractable screens can also reduce the glare of the sun, which can bring harmful UV rays.

5. They reduce energy bills

The costs of air conditioning can also be reduced if you have retractable screens as it lets natural air in without worrying about uninvited guests such as mosquitoes, bugs and other insects. You are also keeping your interior cool while keeping curtains and blinds on the inside. Since retractable screens let you open your doors and windows, you are also reducing the amount of artificial lighting and maximising natural lighting.

How would you be able to enjoy the weather and the awe-inspiring outdoor view if you have to worry about insects and pests? They can indeed ruin a beautiful moment because you are left with no choice but to shut the doors and windows as protecting your family from fluttering pests are more important than the picturesque attraction. Installing fly screens will solve your problem with insects. They are easy to install and maintain. The first thing you need to take into consideration when installing fly screens is the design.

Your heart might be set on a particular design, but do not get too excited as you need to assess the screens before making an important decision. You need to know if it suits your design needs. If you have double-hung windows, you need to find a provider that can install screens that are perfectly suited for this type of windows. Taking note of your window styles will enable you to have flyscreens that match your needs.

Aside from the design, you should also opt for screens that are retractable. Although modern screens are mostly retractable, you still have to ask the providing company because once installed, the screens cannot be raised or removed. Ask questions before you commit to the providing company because this is also a perfect chance for you to gauge the company's expertise in installing fly screens.

Is the screen blocking your view?

It is not enough that your screens provide you protection from insects as you should also see to it that they are not spoiling your view. The purpose of retractable fly screens is to enhance your view while also delivering a certain level of protection to your home. So in a bid to preserve style and protection, be sure to choose a company that gives you a perfect blend. Your fly screens are going to be a sound investment if you can achieve both.

Aside from your windows, you just cannot afford to overlook your doors. A nice breeze can be facilitated without worrying about keeping insects out. It is every home owner's dream to welcome the cool breeze while leaving the door open. Screen doors are your best bet but they can be uncomfortable when they are already blocking your view. Installing fly screens is a project that requires careful planning. Whether you are installing screens for your doors or windows, be sure to ask the right questions. Installing the wrong screens will deprive you of enjoying the incredible views.

Windows are an additional attraction to your home. If you want to wake up to a beautiful morning, all you have to do is to keep your windows open. However, dreaming about having a wonderful view may be far from happening if your windows are not protected by screens. As you open your windows, insects and pests are going to find their way in. If you want to keep your windows open and protect your home from becoming a breeding ground for insects, what you need is to install retractable fly screens. These screens enable a lot of natural light to the interiors while also allowing you to enjoy the view of the outdoors. The privacy of your interiors is not compromised as well.

The advantages of using retractable fly screens

1. The best thing about retractable window screens is that you can get it as per the size of your windows. You can also choose where you want to install. This means it fits all types and sizes of windows. You can also roll up the screens at any time of the day so you can enjoy the view without worrying about obstruction.

2. Retractable screens are also easy to install and you do not have to use any hardware package to carry out the installation process. All you have to do is to refer to the instructions and you will be able to install the screens in minutes. You can also hire expert services if you are not too confident of installing the screen.

3. The screens are also easy to operate because they are installed on aluminum extrusions. The screens are kept in place with the side railings.

4. You can also be sure that your screens will last for a long time. In fact you can still keep your screens for up to 25 to 30 years.

How to Choose Retractable Screens

If you wish to install retractable window screens, you need to take a few things into consideration such as the right brand of products. You need to keep in mind that windows screens are not created equal. As much as possible, you should choose the screens that are sturdy.

Retractable screens come in different colors. It is important to choose the color of the screens that match the color of curtains, walls and the upholstery. You can also purchase retractable screens online and there are many options available to you.

Sliding doors make home more appealing than normal doors. However, it should be fitted with screens so your home stays protected and stylish at the same time. Keeping insects out with the use of retractable screens for sliding doors may sometimes be easier said than done because you need to make sure that the screen matches your door.

If you are going to use regular screens, sliding doors may look unsightly. This is why retractable screens are most preferred by homeowners because it can be pulled across or down when needed. If you no longer require screens, all you need to do is to hide it in a slim casing. Retractable screens have a track system, which is recessed and fitted into the top frame and floor.

Reasons To Use Retractable Screens

Sliding doors open horizontally. A glass door is one of the most preferred sliding doors because it is classy. If you want your doors to take up a lot of space, sliding doors are the best option to consider. Even if you open them, they do not leave an empty space. Without screens, this type of door can be vulnerable to flies, mosquitoes and other insects. They can be your unwanted guests as you open your door.

Although you can also use a standard sliding screen door, it can eventually become a nuisance if people at home are constantly going in and out. This can make your door unattractive. A retractable screen helps you maintain the attractiveness of your sliding door while keeping unwanted insects at bay. You will also enjoy your view from the inside as you have the option to put the screen away. Some screens have mesh effect that can spoil your view. Since a standard screen door covers half of your sliding door glass, it will be impossible to achieve protection without sacrificing style.

Aside from ensuring protection, retractable screens also provide heat control and privacy if special fabrics are used in conjunction with the mesh screen. This type of screens also has a privacy screen you can pull across if you want fresh air. For entertainment, you can also use solar control fabric screen. Operation is also made easier if you are going to use motorised screen as it can be operated with a push of the button. Retractable screens for sliding doors are fully functional without ruining a panoramic view. Make sure you buy from a trusted supplier so you can make the most of retractable screens.

One of the concerns of homeowners when installing screens is that some types of screens spoil their view. There are lots of options to consider that will keep your home protected from bugs and help keep your windows or doors appealing to guests, neighbors and family members.  Modern screens allow you to achieve these goals. One of the types of modern retractable screens to consider is the magnetic screen. Magnetic retractable screens are popular these days because they are easy to use, effective and functional. However, magnetic retractable screens require extra care just like any other screen. Regular maintenance is important to keep the screens working at their best.

What are magnetic retractable screens

The best thing about magnetic retractable screens is that they are easy to operate. This is because they are attached to the inside of the window frame. This enables you to pull from a corner so you can remove them when needed. The magnets are attached to the screen and window frame. Once the magnets are placed together, they will form a strong seal so bugs cannot get through. You can also remove or open the screen by simply peeling from the indicated corner.

How to clean magnetic screens

Magnetic retractable screens is easy to clean and maintain. You just need to use a feather duster to get rid of the dust and dirt that usually build up on the screens. Aside from using a feather duster, you can also consider washing the mesh. To do this, peel the screen away from the window. Use soap and water to clean the mesh. Allow the screen to dry before reattaching it to the window. Dusting your screens regularly is not enough due to dirt and dust build up. Make sure you give your screens a full wash twice a year.

Aside from cleaning the screen, you should also clean the magnets and frame so it continues to work efficiently. The surface of the magnets must be cleaned and the process is very easy. Just remove the screen from the window and wipe over the magnetic strips with a damp or dry cloth. This cleaning process is enough to remove grime and dust. You can also use a mild cleaning agent to get rid of grease build up.

Magnetic screens are ideal for those who want to get an exceptional value for money. It has the features you need so you can remain protected and stylish at the same time.

Retractable screens are the perfect option for those who have bifold doors or servery screens. This is because these screens are designed to meet your exact requirements. Before you head for your local retractable screens supplier, here are the things you need to know about this type of screen:

The Options

In choosing a retractable screen, you have to start with the type of screen you really want. For smaller areas, a single screen will suffice while double retractable screens are suitable for larger areas. You can opt for pull down retractable screens if you want to stay protected while also enjoying the view. This type of screen is ideal for outdoor entertaining areas such as patios.

Screen Design

Once you have chosen the type of screen you want, you should also choose the design that fits your requirements. The design refers to the track system, color of the screen and the size of the housing responsible for holding the screen. The beauty of custom made retractable screens is that you can make the track as discreet as possible. The screen can be recessed into the floor or retract away with the screen. Take note of your wall so you will be able to choose a housing and screen that match its color. Custom made retractable screens are supposed to blend and not stand out. If you have a red brick wall, choosing a different color will only defeat the purpose of having a custom made retractable screen.

The Doors and Windows You Want to Screen

Since you are getting quoted for custom made retractable screen, you can tell the manufacturer what type of windows and screens you have. Giving details about the doors and windows you want to screen will enable manufacturers to recommend the type of screen that works well. You will also have to get measurements of the opening that you want screened to determine the number of panels needed for the job.


Aside from the type and design, another important decision you need to make is whether or not you should motorise retractable screens. If you want to experience convenience, motorisation is a great idea because it allows you to extend and retract screens at the push of a button. Of course, you have to keep in mind that motorised retractable screens are more expensive than manual retractable screens.

Now that you have done your homework, it will not be difficult for you to choose a custom made retractable screen that helps you to achieve style, convenience and comfort.

Bugs can be your unwanted guests once you open your doors and windows. This is why insect screens are considered a useful home fixture. A retractable screen is a suitable option when standard insect screens do not fit your windows or doors perfectly. The options in retractable screens are numerous. So how do you choose the screen that is right for your home?

Types of Retractable Screens

Pleated screens: This type of screens have a pleated mesh. They operate on discreet tracks and can either be one or two panels, which meet in the middle. The best thing about this type of screens is that the tracks can disappear once the screen is hidden.

Flat mesh screens: A screen with a completely flat mesh that operates on a discreet track system. For homeowners who prefer to keep tracks hidden, flat mesh screens will definitely do the trick. Flat screens are also available as one or two panels. One panel flat mesh screen is pulled across the opening while the two panels are pulled together so they meet in the middle.

Panelled screens:You can find a number of panels in panelled screens. These screens slide along tracks once they are opened or closed. These screens work like bifold doors, which mean they can accommodate very large openings. However, they are not as discreet as flat or pleated screens.

Magnetic screens: These screens are removable as they are held to an opening with the use magnetic strips. Magnetic screens are easy to use and flexible. If the screens are no longer in use, simply peel away from one corner.

Should You Go For Manual Or Motorised?

Once you have already made a choice on the type of retractable screens you are going to use, the next choice you will have to make is if you want a manual or motorised retractable screen. If you want something handy, motorised screens are definitely the way to go. You can open and close your screens at the push of a button. However, if you want a less expensive option, manual screens are worth-considering. These screens can be opened as little or as much as you want. While quality comes at a price, manual screens do not necessarily have poor quality.

Never skimp on retractable screens if you want to get the ones of the highest quality. Be sure to buy them from a reputable supplier that is knowledgeable about the types of retractable screens and their uses. Buying from reputable suppliers will assure that you will get the screens you need. A full installation service will also be offered if you opt for a reputable supplier.

In the past, it is difficult to achieve a certain level of aestheticism when installing flyscreens because its primary purpose is to keep insects at bay. Fortunately, you do not have to put up with the downside of traditional flyscreens. Modern retractable flyscreens are not just functional but stylish and practical as well.

Flyscreen Window

Before modern flyscreens were introduced in the market, there was only one kind of window flyscreen to consider and it was fixed to the window. It did not give homeowners the option to close or open their windows. With this limited functionality, it is difficult to stay protected without letting style take a backseat. With modern innovations, it seems easy for homeowners to achieve both protection and style.

Why would you choose when you can have the best of both worlds? Modern retractable fly screens provide you protection while also giving you the ability to leave the window open when you want it. Most modern flyscreens these days are combined with bifold windows making your indoor kitchen part of your outdoor environment. As a result, you relish the freedom to enjoy the weather without having to worry about mosquitoes, flies or bugs. Even when the weather turns foul, you can still continue to enjoy the view with windows closed.

Security is another concern when installing retractable flyscreens. When it comes to issues with security, you need to make sure that you install a more robust flyscreen. However, an added protection can make your bedroom window unsightly. You will also be deprived of a good view.  There are modern retractable security screens you can purchase. These screens can be rolled out when not needed. You can have a good night's sleep as this screen can be locked.

Flyscreen Door

In the past, the sliding patio door was the only option available for homeowners who wished to install flyscreen door. Although it had served its purpose, its size needed to be limited. The best thing about modern retractable flyscreen is that it can be opened as wide as homeowners want them to. It is also easy to operate thanks to the advances in modern technology. Modern flyscreen can be configured so it suits your needs. If you prefer two sets of flyscreens, this type of flycreen is the way to go.

Modern retractable flyscreens allow you to enjoy your lifestyle to the fullest while also ensuring increased level of protection for your family. You just need a reputable retractable flyscreen installer so you can reap the benefits of flyscreens.

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