Different Types Of Screens Doors That Provide Charm And Protection

Screen doors are now taking protection to the next level by keeping bugs out in style.

Don't you find it annoying when insects enter your home as soon as you open your doors? While your primary intention is to let the cool breeze in, keeping doors open will surely attract uninvited guests. Screen doors protect you from bugs while also enjoying the cool breeze and the panoramic view. Here are the screen door designs for your taste and preference:

1. Pivoting screen door

If your screen door has a modern slant, you need to use specialised hardware to ensure that the door will be mounted on a pivoting hinge. It is important to note that the type of screen door you purchase must be made to work with your door's weight.

2. Compact sliding screen door

One reason why homeowners find it challenging to install screens on a sliding door is because of its narrow passageway. This is where compact sliding screen door becomes a suitable option. This type of screen door lets you tuck the screen into a pocket when open.

3. Nursery screen door

This type of screen door is suitable for little ones and pets at home. It is a decorative screen door that allows your kids to peek in while keeping your furry friends out.

4. French screen doors

These screen doors can lead onto an outdoor dining space or a patio so you can conveniently carry large platters and extra chairs for special occasions. You can also match your French doors with a screened porch entry.

5. Classic screen door

Your home can get hotter during summer season and letting cool winds in is one way to keep your house cool. A classic screen door is ideal for your door. You can also paint the frame to match your interior door. When installing a classic screen door, make sure you have a working latch.

6. Barn-style screen door

Barn doors are also charming and if you already have a screen door, you can also customise it to create a barn-style screen door. This type of screen door is ideal for extra-large openings as they can accommodate maximum breezes and light.

If you are planning to install screen doors, be sure to choose the option that suits your needs. Do no just focus on the designs as you also have to take other factors into consideration including the function of these screen doors.