Screen Door Installation Dos and Don'ts

Aside from hiring a professional to install your screen door, there are also some DIY kits you can purchase if you want to install a screen door yourself.

While you may not require professional assistance once you make a purchase of DIY kits, you still need to exercise precaution and follow the right steps or you will be wasting your time, money and effort. There are some dos and don'ts to keep in mind.

Do measure your door properly

Are you under the impression that screen doors are a one-size-fits-all installation?Doors come in various sizes and getting the right measurement is a vital aspect of buying the correct size of your screen door. You should not only measure the doorframe but the inside of the doorframe as well. There are six measurements of the doorframe you need to take. Measure the width and length of the middle, top and the bottom of the door. In case the measurements are not the same, consider using the largest measurement.

Do ensure proper alignment
You need to mark holes before you consider drilling them to prevent committing mistakes. Screen doors often come with a template, which you can use to ensure that you align the holes in their correct location. You don't want to drill another hole if you commit mistakes don't you?

Do use a safety chain

The door may overextend if you do not use a safety chain. It might be a small feature but can help you ensure a smooth installation process. It also saves you a great deal of headache in future installation.

Don't install without verifying

Although knowing the steps in installing your screen door can get you all too excited, it is important that you test the screen door before you even think about installing it. Be sure to align the screen door against the door and make sure that it can be opened and closed properly. If the screen doors are not functioning properly, it deters you from completely closing or opening your door.

Don't cut without adjusting

Sometimes, making adjustments is necessary when installing your screen door. Filing or cutting your screen door must be done gradually. Test if the screen door fits by making very small adjustments. Keep in mind that cutting your door means creating final changes. Take off a little bit of your screen door gradually because overcutting an oversized screen door may result in getting an undersized one.

Don't forget to use a level

Your screen door needs to be properly aligned and fit because this indicates that you have installed it levelly. Use a level to ensure proper alignment as you have to redo the process if the screen door is not aligned as it should.

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