5 Common Misconceptions About Installing Screen Solutions For Bifold Doors

These days, modern homes come with stylish doors and the most popular in Australia are bifold doors. This type of doors is available in PVC, aluminium, and timber. These doors blend with your indoor and outdoor living areas. Although this door is stylish, you cannot deny the fact that as you open your door, there can also be some uninvited guests such as mosquitoes and flies. What good is a beautiful door if you cannot open them up because of insects? Although screening solutions have been an option for homeowners with bifold doors, there are misconceptions that deter them from installing fly screens. The good news is, screens can still serve their purpose while also preserving your home's aesthetic appeal. Here are the common bifold door myths debunked:

Myth #1: Screens destroy the door's appeal

If you are not using pleated or retractable fly screens, your doors will definitely lose its appeal. However, there are two types of screens you can consider which are perfectly suitable for bifold doors. The retractable screens have an aluminium cassette that fit to the side of your door. They can be rolled out across the door's opening and then rolled back to the cassette if you no longer need them. Pleated screens are also ideal for your bifold doors because they are fitted to the side of your door opening. It can be extended back and forth across the opening as well.

Myth #2: Screens are unsightly

When screens look unsightly, it can ruin the decorative feature of your bifold door. This happens if the type of screen you consider does not match your door. However, if you opt for screens that can keep your doors attractive while also protecting your home from insects, worrying about screens looking ugly will be a problem of the past. These days, you can choose screens that can blend in with bifold door frames.

Myth #3: Screens spoil your view

Your screen will not block your view if they are discreet. It is important that you choose the screen that can be tucked away out of sight especially when it is not in use. It should be invisible when in use so it does not block the view. Retractable screens can open up to 4 metres wide with no panelling. Even if you require wider screens for wider spaces, there is only minimal interruption to worry about. Mesh will be a perfect option as it is barely visible from a distance. Its presence will not distract you as well.

Myth #4:Screens take up too much space

If you choose the right size, the screens will not take up too much space. This is probably one of the biggest concerns to homeowners, but if you choose the right size the cassettes of a retractable screen will not be a problem. While a wider opening will require a bigger cassette, there are cassettes that can blend into the background.

Myth #5:Screens restrict access

You need to choose retractable screens that are flexible. There is a big six panel centre-opening bifold door that can accommodate wider spaces. It is necessary that you choose the right flexible solution based on the configuration of your bifold doors.

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